Brazilian pedicure sox BrazzCare

Brazilian pedicure sox BrazzCare

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Brazilian pedicure sox BrazzCare

Instructions for use

1) Disinfect client's feet with antiseptic, then remove nail polish

2) Shape your nails with the BrazzCare disposable file. Treat problem areas of the feet with a BrazzCare grater or a hardware pedicure machine as with a dry pedicure

3) Spread the emulsion inside the socks, place the BrazzCare sock on your heels and toes. Tie the edge of the sock for a steamy effect. Then, with light massage movements, spread the emulsion in the area of ​​the fingers and problem areas of the feet and leave for 15-20 minutes.

4) Before the first leg pedicure, put the prepared sock on the second leg. And starting with the thumb, gently tear off the edge of the sock. Release the edge of the toe at the base of your toes. Pull back and treat the cuticle with an orange stick from the BrazzCare kit. Optionally, you can remove the cuticle with sterilized nippers or a metal pusher. Immediately after processing the cuticle, with an enveloping movement of the hands, remove the sock from the leg while removing excess cream with it. After massage movements, lightly rub the rest of the emulsion into the skin of the legs. If necessary, you can remove the remaining cream with a napkin. Then proceed to the pedicure procedure of the second leg.

5) Prepare the nail plate for varnishing by degreasing the nail plate with acetone-free nail polish remover. If necessary, you can correct and remove problem areas.

6) After degreasing, you can start covering the nail plate with varnish or nail extension.

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