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IBD Bonder (LED/UV)

IBD BonderBonder gelThis acid-free gel primer is used as the first phase when strengthening or model..

15.00€ Ex Tax: 12.40€

IBD Intense Seal

IBD Intense SealReinforced fixerThe gel top coat replaces the polish of artificial nails, cures in a..

15.00€ Ex Tax: 12.40€
25.00€ Ex Tax: 20.66€

IBD Nail Prep 118 ml

IBD Nail PrepSpray-disinfector for nailsThis is a professional product for dehydrating and gently dr..

7.00€ Ex Tax: 5.79€
9.00€ Ex Tax: 7.44€

IBD Reconstrux

IBD ReconstruxDamaged plate repair oilStrengthening and repairing oil for weak and fragile nails is ..

8.00€ Ex Tax: 6.61€
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