Thai mask for dark hair NT-Group "Black sesame, spirulina and vitamin E"

Thai mask for dark hair NT-Group "Black sesame, spirulina and vitamin E"

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World famous, Black Sesame Hair Treatment Black Sesame Hair Treatment. Stops hair loss, makes them thick and strong, thickening along the entire length. Eliminates split ends, protects curls from the effects of temperature and sunlight, stabilizes the sebaceous glands, actively fights seborrhea and itching of the head.

Gives colored hair smoothness, shine and obedience, penetrates deeply into the skin, improves cell nutrition, effectively accelerates the growth of strong hair, heals small wounds, restores hair nutrition, making it healthy and strong. Country: Thailand.

The mask is intended for those who want to strengthen hair, effectively eliminate hair loss, accelerate hair growth and get rid of dandruff.

A mask for dark hair, based on black sesame, spirulina and vitamin E, regenerates hair, nourishes it, moisturizes and stops hair loss. The mask will restore the most damaged and weakened hair to life from the very first application.

Creates a "lamination" effect, which makes the hair elastic and silky. Super remedy for hair loss.

One of the most popular masks in the whole world and will certainly become your favorite!


Black sesame seed oil - actively regenerates damaged scalp cells and restores hair structure, creates optimal conditions for hair growth, improves blood circulation and strengthens strands.

Seaweed extract (spirulina) - a substance extracted from the depths of the sea has a rich natural composition, which includes minerals, amino acids, vitamins, phosphorus and magnesium, effectively stimulates the growth of curls, has a rejuvenating effect on strands and perfectly restores them.

Vitamin E - restores firmness and elasticity to curls, protects cell membranes from premature aging, helps transport nutrients into the skin and gives hair shine.

Wild rice extract - improves the condition of hair (especially fine), removes damage from the use of a hair dryer, dyes and ironing, has a soothing, anti-inflammatory effect on the strands, fixes the color and promotes the disappearance of dandruff.

Healing mud from the River Kwai - luxuriously strengthens hair roots, stops balding and restores a healthy, well-groomed look to hair.

Mode of application:

Apply a small amount of the mask to hair previously washed with shampoo, leave for 5-10 minutes, then rinse. Repeat the procedure if necessary.

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