Thai hair mask with coconut oil NT-Group

Thai hair mask with coconut oil NT-Group

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Created to restore damaged and dry curls, a hair mask with coconut oil produced by the Thai company NT-Group has a very gentle and effective effect, thanks to which it is always popular with customers.

Properties of coconut oil hair mask:

fills the hair with life and shine;

protects hair from protein loss during washing;

eliminates brittle and dry hair;

prevents strands from cutting;

helps to get rid of dandruff and scalp irritations;

starts regenerative processes in cells;

removes static electricity from hair;

remarkably moisturizes and softens curls.

Components of coconut oil hair mask:

Coconut oil - due to its unique composition and high content of valuable saturated acids, it gives the curls additional elasticity, protects them from drying out, protects against the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays and negative environmental influences. Coconut oil well reduces the degree of injury to curls from chemical and mechanical effects, and also gives hair volume, softness and natural beauty.

Natural olive oil - a healthy and nutrient-rich oil that perfectly retains the strength of curls, is suitable for colored and dry hair, relieves fatigue and restores natural density, rejuvenates the scalp and hair, promotes the rapid growth of healthy strands, activates metabolic processes in skin cells and stabilizes water balance of weakened and thin curls.

The mask, applied to wet hair for 5 minutes, greatly facilitates combing and comprehensively heals the strands, relieving them of dryness and brittleness thanks to natural ingredients that are beneficial for the skin and hair follicles. Like other Thai cosmetics available in our online store, the mask does not contain hazardous chemical compounds and is great for hair care.

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